According to Mint, stock market was begun at a humble beginning and it seems that the communications as well as report about the development of the stock market among the brokers and lenders were also started in a small of modest degree. Back to hundreds of years ago, the market what so-called stock market today was started around 1500s.

At that period, the European who were the also precursors of the market sailed across the West Indies to develop the trading. As Encyclopedia Britannica stated, many sponsoring companies will increase the money from the investors and at the other side, the investors gained the share from the riches gotten from the expeditions. Thereafter, Dutch East India Co. continued the process by opening the chance for many investors from outside of the company and gave them the share of the profits the company obtained.

At the early 1600s, the market developed into more extended stocks and bonds for the first time available to the public. The companies were in the form of organization; this is far different from today. To inform the people in general about the stocks market, the companies spread the door-to-door information and delivered the newsletter to patrons. Those alternatives were carried out learning that internet and telegram were not yet developed. Thus, those communications about market then grew into London Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, as stated by Library of Congress, the humble beginning also occurred in Atlantic. Back to years past, what everyone recognize as American Stock Exchange today was previously known as “curb exchange.” This is literally true because the players in the market holding the meeting at a curb on Broad Street close to Exchange Place.

Furthermore, the primarily use of telegraph was started in the mid of 1800s. NYSE informed that the companies on the market in 1800s began the long-distant information transmission. Afterward, the telephone was started to be utilized in 1878 and followed by ticker. In 1896, the well-known company, the Dow Jones Industrial emerged for the first time in the Wall Street Journal and it presented the stocks in dozen.

Finally in 1971, the stock market met its modern period since it began the report through internet especially with the appearance of NASDAQ. Library of Congress confirmed that NASDAQ is the one that delivered the stock market electronically and it is also the pioneer for the options of how the market to be communicated as well as gave the computerized bulletin board presenting the real-time prices, courtesy of a massive,  and exact fluctuation. Moreover, in the late of 2000s, NYSE introduced the technological communication platform that gives alternatives for many media organizations and internet operations to purchase the real-time market data.