Boeing announced a contract of 23 planes sale. This order make this company surpasses Airbus for the total order in this 2014.

This new order is to buy Boeing 737, a civil plane that is smaller and fuel saving. 2 to 23 planes ordered are Copa Airlines order. Meanwhile for the other customers are not mentioned.

With the order, Boeing has made deals to sell 941 planes whereas Airbus has only about 722 planes in the year 2014.

Boeing sold its 737 for 78.3 up to 113.3 US million dollars depending on the model.  Based on the number, the order released is as many as 1.8 – 2.6 US billion dollars. That’s why Boeing 737 has to be the best-seller plane in 2014, reaching up to 663 to 941 plane sold since the early year of 2014


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