The vast development in phone technology is running really rapidly nowadays. People who crave for the latest technology always expect what is going to release next. The current phenomenon happens is that many people are welcoming the latest Apple’s iPhone 4 recently and it is proved by the fact of the striking sold unit rate that reaches 1.7 million in three days. In fact, Google’s Android operating system is also establishing its system in approximately 160.000 phones.

It is predicted that Android may take the second position of the best-selling smart-phone platform after Symbian by 2012 and iPhone will follow, whereas RIM which is recently taking the second place on the worldwide market may fall down into fourth place.

It is clearly seen that compared to iPhone and Android, BlackBerry’s RIM services is pretty left behind with less attractiveness as well as loyalty from both developers and customers. As you know that BlackBerry’s specification is dedicated to businesses and for this situation BlackBerry may face a critical period in facing the tight competition in more advanced technology of mobile phone.

Surely this can be a serious problem for BlackBerry that puts the major feature like e-mailing and messaging for the business purpose as it should face the truth that today iPhone and Android can do the tasks as well. Therefore, RIM is improving the operating system by making forward step to the gaming mode. It is rumored that BlackBerry 6.0 is going to pack a slider touch-screen by collaborating iPhone’s cool features with RIM’s keyboard.

Taking a glance to the selling record on the mainstream market, RIM gained 43% increase last year by selling 11.2 million phones. Moreover, Apple gained 82% increase or about 9.5 million iPhones sold out last year. Additionally, Android operating system from Google has been activated in approximately 160.000 phones each day and it has endured significant increase from 100.000 in the middle of May which means gaining a 60% raise.

According to Nielsen survey, it is figured out that the number of iPhone users who want to have iPhone as their next phone reaches 80%, whereas Android users who want the other Android-based phone is 70%. On the other hand, BlackBerry users who want to own other BlackBerry as their phone is only 47%.

Apart from the customers’ expectations above, providers also express varied expectations. Based on Appcelerator’s survey over 2.733 developers, it is found out that developers who are interested in developing the applications for BlackBerry are only reaching 43% of that total number.