Consumers look to make social impact with their spending. Choosing to purchase products made in the USA affirms a dedication to keeping money within the US economy. It supports the employment of American citizens and encourages companies to keep their production lines in country to ensure quality and safety standards are met. While other countries may offer lower costs due to sometimes criminally low wages and inferior materials, companies using U.S. production lines ensure quality and care goes into the production of their goods.

If you''ll indulge me in a bit of a history lesson, U.S. based manufacturing started to decline as the U.S. sought to bolster postwar Asian and European economies by loosening tariffs and regulations on overseas production and imports. By the mid-1980s, these measures saw America''s once great and self-sustaining manufacturing economy reduced to a less than a a quarter of all labor.

In the shadow of this century''s Great Recession, many look to a resurgence in manufacturing to bolster U.S. employment and tentpole the economy. While the movement toward early postwar manufacturing numbers is slow, companies such as the Illinois based Caterpillar have moved some of their production back to the States.

Appliance manufacturer Whirpool, Inc. recently moved production of its Kitchenaid handmixers back to South Carolina. Motivations for U.S. companies reassessing their overseas manufacturing operations include increased shipping costs, growing foreign wages, and public disapproval of human rights violations in some foreign countries. The cost of production oversea both to the bottom line and to company''s public relations proves more expensive as foreign economies grow and the U.S. economy stalls.

Of course, some companies never left the U.S. manufacturing scene. Another great American success story, Red Wing boots out of Red Wing, MN continues a proud tradition of manufacturing work boots in its Minnesota facility. Red Wing boots boast durability and fine American craftsmanship.

Another example of great American manufacturing, Brooklyn, NY''s Air Flow Pump Corp. established in 1973 began as a shop that specialized in water booster applications and small pumps. Growing tremendously in its four-decade existence, Air Flow Pump Corp. operates one of the largest distributors of pump products like Tsurumi Pumps, Sta-Rite & Berkeley Pumps in the USA. Air Flow Pump Corp uniquely manufactures and ships up to a 500 gallon boiler feed system within 48 hours (click here to learn more about Air Flow Pump Corp. boiler feed systems). Holding true to American production standards before any boiler feed pump system are shipped, each one is tested rigorously to ensure that it meets the highest standards.

United States manufacturing holds a proud and profitable history both for the workers at production plants as well as the companies that employ them. As the global economy shifts, US companies benefit from reavaluting their operations and considering re-establishing production lines in the United States. Consumers and corporations interested in supporting the movement of manufacturing back to this country should spend their dollars with companies like Whirlpool to encourage them to continue to move their operations back stateside, while also supporting companies like Air Flow Pump Corp who never left.

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