Slatwall panels or also commonly called as slatwall hooks can be found in home settings as well as retail outlets. These slatwalls come with a horizontal groove on which you can have a lot of kinds of hanging devices inserted.  To accommodate various needs, this hook comes with various styles as well as varieties.

Hooks Style

This type of slatwall is designed to make it easy to slide into the slots of the wall. The users are able to hang any merchandise onto it. Besides coming with a variety of materials used like metals and steel, this hooks also comes with a number of lengths and colors as well. In that way, the consumers are freely choosing their hooks as required and also match to their specific condition.

Brackets Style

This kind of slatwall is almost the same as the hook one. However, this stuff is not intended to hang any kind of merchandise. Instead of hanging any merchandise, this stuff is to hold the selves or platform which is used for placing the merchandise. This bracket also attaches into slats directly and is also separated into suitable lengths.

Specialty Hooks Style

Most slatwall hooks are provided to meet specific needs. Such special hook t is available for various needs of consumers. Those hooks included this style are such as faceout hook, waterfall hook, straight bar, round tube faceout hook, rectangular tube and many more.

No matter which one you will choose, one thing you should make sure is that whether the hook is appropriate to your slatwall paneling. Once you get the suitable one, you can freely choose the materials, lengths, colors or even finishes as your taste.  it is much better if you consult to the manufacturer and the guidelines in advance before deciding which hooks you will choose for your merchandises.

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