If you want to make your exhibit generate more traffic, you should ensure that your Trade Show Displays are inviting and engaging. Engagement is considered whether your clients stay or leave. We will conclude that our trade show booth is engaging if our customers can stay for a longer time that only few seconds. You need to ensure that your team consists of well-prepared and friendly people at your booth. So, customers will be curious to visit your trade show booth right away. There are several things you need to do to make your trade show booth more inviting and engaging.

The first thing is trying to not have confusing walls or barriers in your trade show booth. The barriers or confusing walls will only become moat and castle effect in which it can only detract from the attendees’ experience. You can use Banner Stands that really shows off your services or products to attract more customers to come to your trade show booth. The second thing is not creating extra work for your customers to get to your booth. The set-up of your trade show booth must be standing out comparing to other trade show booths.

The third thing is making sure that there is a constant stream of traffic in your exhibit. If you think that your trade show booth does not invite enough customers, you can throw a mini quiz and give some free giveaways. The fourth thing you need to employ friendly and knowledgeable staff in your trade show booth. In one case, you can hire some people in Literature Racks who will kindly greet each customer and explain things clearly.

To sum up, there are, at least, four things you need to do make your trade show booth more inviting and engaging. Good luck on your exhibit!