The richest man in the world Bill Gates, the Microsoft cofounder, is no longer the first man of the world’s richest man because he has been beaten out by a Mexican telecommunication businessman Carlos Slim. Slim is the first person who now takes the throne of the highest position on the World’s Richest Man in 2010 according to Forbes.

Slim owns the multibillionaire telecommunication business including giant mobile outfit America Movil and Mexican tycoon. Son of an immigrant shopkeeper also holds the biggest amount in New York Times’ share and has become the first non-American stands on top on the list of the richest person on Forbes version since 1994. The estimation for his net wealth has been up to $18.5 billion in 12 month and his total fortune reaches $53.5 billion.

As an undoubtedly the wealthiest person on earth, Carlos Slim keeps portraying an ordinary man. Not likely other rich men across the world you have ever seen, Slim doesn’t even wear that fancy and expensive coat wherever he goes or using the computer his company manufactured. Compared to the mesmerizing technology products, this 70-year old man would rather prefer his old-fashioned notebook. It seems that he seriously cares about health since this baseball sport huge fans doesn’t smoking either.

AS quoted from Mercurynews, Bill Gates is ranked second and Warren Buffett ranks third. The fourth rank will be Mukesh Ambani and the fifth is Lakshmi Mittal. This year, the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, seems to be pretty satisfied on his thirtieth rank.

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