The talking about very rich people always attracts people's attentions. Let's say billionaires, people with multiple wealth that seems leave other people to jaw-dropping every time they heard about the amount of these billionaires' wealth. In the matter of fact, United States seems like to have new competitor concerning the number of billionaires in the country, it is China that is reported to have the second position after United States with the new increasing number of billionaires this year.

Recently, the number of billionaires across the world reaches 1.011 persons today. United States has the biggest attention related to the number of billionaires it has which are 403 persons. The next country comes after United States is China with its 64 billionaires. However, this amount can be increasing if the total billionaires in Hong Kong are added into the accumulation. If they combine the number, it will result in 89 persons.

According to Forbes magazine, today the addition reaches 97 persons which are 27 figures come from mainland China. Go to further details, one of the new billionaires added is the chairman of Geely, a car-maker company, namely Li Shufu. The rumor said that Shufu is on the way in planning to buy Sweden's Volvo Company. More importantly, the richest man in China at present time is Zong Qinghou that owns a multi-billion-dollar firm.

Unfortunately, behind the mesmerizing news about new additions of billionaires come from China, the local situation is in fact showing that the gap between the poor and the rich is even going too large. Even though China's economic muscles are growing rapidly, which is nearly reaching 50% from last year, it doesn't solve this problem. Therefore, China government stated that the development in the economy field will be kept under the effort to have better future in economy for the society. (fallen)

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