A magnificent invention in energy power has recently been introduced by the inventor, K.R. Sridhar, is believed to help saving more energy to most houses in US. It is called Bloom Energy. This device is founded to generate power on the spot without being connected to electrical grid. Bloom Box is composed with beach sand which is baked and cut thinly then coated on its both side. The particular -ink compound- is being stacked in between a cheap metal alloy and powered by a biogas. This special biogas had been developed more than ten years, according to Sridhar.

He also mentioned that the materials to create Bloom Box are available in abundance and absolutely cheap. The specialty of this device is that it is wireless therefore you will be able to power your own home by generating your own electricity. More detail about Bloom Box is that it is a 6th generation fuel cell. The previous known fourth generation of high temperature fuel cell is Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell and the fifth one is Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. Moreover, the financial backings for Bloom Box development are the same folks that exist behind Amazon, Netscape, and Google. Also, the recent customers known are Google, eBay, FedEx, Wal-Mart, Staples, and CIA is issued will join too.

Sridhar stated that one box of Bloom Box is able to power one average US house. Meanwhile, the use of power in other countries is different, such as in Asia one box will be able to power four houses and in India it will give power four to six houses. With the larger box, about 100 homes can be powered. Recently, the larger box is sold for $700,000 - 800,000 per unit and it is expected that the Bloom Box design for smaller home will be available within five to ten years to be sold about $300,000 per unit.

The costs spent for Bloom Box use is quite expensive, it also takes 30 percent of tax and there will be no cap on the cost throughout 2016. Speaking of energy saving, eBay claimed to save more than $100,100 in the first year. Homeowners said that the expanded energy-efficiency tax credit for remodeling the principal residence to reduce energy consumption can be up to $1,500. Furthermore, the product replacement cost is refunded 30 percent by the expanded federal tax credit. Homeowners are free to combine federal tax credit with Local and Regional incentive to get the most out of savings.

Additionally, Olympic College (OC) is informed to share $3.9 million in federal funds through Department of Labor in opening occupations for at least 473 people. They will be trained and placed in energy efficiency occupations. As well, those who will be the target populations include youth, incumbent workers, dislocated workers, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. They will also receive industry-recognized certificates in residential energy audits, building operator, and OSHA safety.

Those who joined the training will receive particular programs include update curriculum based on industry guidance, expand training capacities, and share industry trends and job opportunities by utilizing a Green Jobs Navigator. Thus, the one that will provide the training and job placement in energy efficiency assessment occupations is Sound Energy Efficiency Development (SEED). In addition, the occupational training will also include energy efficient-construction, energy efficiency assessment (energy audits), and home weatherization. (fallen)

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