The environmental issue like global warming has become serious issue and many people attempt to prevent the worse from happening by doing everything to save the nature as hard as they could. Even it is not only society who concerns about global warming, many sectors or fields also take part in saving the environment through many ways.

In economy, there is particular alternative taken to participate in reducing the impact of global warming through Green Industry. Positively, world’s industry walks gracefully into something called Green Industry nowadays. Therefore, the marketing strategy through Green Industry seems like turning into “a must” for those who work or participate in affiliated field. It is also another option carried out in order to draw consumers’ attention as many of them are now more educated and care to the environment.

With the high care toward the space they are living on, consumers start making use environmental issue as one of devices to select product quality that flooding their market. Moreover, the tremendous change of climate triggered by the increasing amount of carbon on the atmosphere, consumers’ awareness of environment leads to more environment-friendly development.

The serious attention toward the worse condition of earth’s atmosphere has also triggered many economists. Many of them, including the business owners and environmental activists, begin concentrating on low carbon economy – it is one of popular discourses many of economists as well as business owners and environmental activists concern about.

The term of Green Industry was initially introduced on International Conference on Green Industry in Asia in Manila Philippine in 2009. The conference which was attended by twenty two nations brought the concept of Green Industry into view.

This industry has to become part of society that starts giving serious attention on environmental everlasting whether in nation, regional, or international. Thus, eco products have become the basic of trading policy and investment in many countries by connecting the standard of producing process and the products ready to use with the viability of the environment.

Furthermore, the demand to develop eco product also turns into a critical issue as well as a strategy to develop the competitiveness in economy field in particular country and companies.

In the other words, the mastering of Green Technology and the application of Green Industry which is expected to produce environment-friendly products will become more and more essential in order to enhance the competitiveness in a nation as well as companies.

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