Small businesses, especially the online ones, are hard to be separated from the technology nowadays. The more enhanced technology obviously influences how the small businesses’ pick their direction in the future.

The businesses even obtain many advantages from these technological advancements and there are some predictions regarding what influences these technologies will bring many entrepreneurs in 2011.

On the first prediction, there will be significant growing use of smartphone by many small business owners this year. They use smartphones on a daily basis and it improves the business with mobile technologies.

Through smartphone, many businesses owners will still be able to tweet on the road, use location-based services, or take benefits from mobile advertising. Even the more changes over how business owners do their business affect the changes on mobile devices. It means the running small businesses can be more flexible and convenient.

Undoubtedly, online business takes most time on websites on internet, it means the prediction seems obvious that many of small businesses will increase online marketing spending. Almost each small business has website, however, most of the websites merely contains general information.

It is important for business owners to start considering providing customer service features to get closer connection with their consumers. Also, improving the website to be discoverable on the internet is necessary since not many small business owners know about this. So, this year the visible development will be on the increased spending on website developments as well as web design.

Next prediction, with growing social shopping alternative and e-commerce advancements, the percentage of the number of business owners who make use those options will continue growing. Even it seems that they will get more focusing on social media efforts because taking last year experience they have become more aware about which platforms their customers use most, so that they can decide which platform will be right for their business.

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