The talking about very rich people always attracts people's attentions. Let's say billionaires, people with multiple wealth that seems leave other people to jaw-dropping every time they heard about the amount of these billionaires' wealth. In the matter of fact, United States seems like to have new competitor concerning the number of billionaires in the country, it is China that is reported to have the second position after United States with the new increasing number of billionaires this year.

Recently, the number of billionaires across the world reaches 1.011 persons today. United States has the biggest attention related to the number of billionaires it has which are 403 persons. The next country comes after United States is China with its 64 billionaires. However, this amount can be increasing if the total billionaires in Hong Kong are added into the accumulation. If they combine the number, it will result in 89 persons.

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A magnificent invention in energy power has recently been introduced by the inventor, K.R. Sridhar, is believed to help saving more energy to most houses in US. It is called Bloom Energy. This device is founded to generate power on the spot without being connected to electrical grid. Bloom Box is composed with beach sand which is baked and cut thinly then coated on its both side. The particular -ink compound- is being stacked in between a cheap metal alloy and powered by a biogas. This special biogas had been developed more than ten years, according to Sridhar.

He also mentioned that the materials to create Bloom Box are available in abundance and absolutely cheap. The specialty of this device is that it is wireless therefore you will be able to power your own home by generating your own electricity. More detail about Bloom Box is that it is a 6th generation fuel cell. The previous known fourth generation of high temperature fuel cell is Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell and the fifth one is Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. Moreover, the financial backings for Bloom Box development are the same folks that exist behind Amazon, Netscape, and Google. Also, the recent customers known are Google, eBay, FedEx, Wal-Mart, Staples, and CIA is issued will join too.

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Running serious business may attract huge risk. Superior business like manufacturing vehicles needs much calculation and seriousness during the research before launching the product to the market. This seriousness is important to avoid unwanted risk to happen in future but however it always happens anyway. Today, Toyota is facing obstacles on its business regarding to their latest model vehicle Prius Hybrid since customers complaints in United Stated argued that their vehicles brakes tend to bring difficulty.

Toyota, the third generation of the best-selling vehicles over the globe, recently recalls the latest-model Prius petrol-electric hybrid in US. This decision is made following the continuous complaints over the vehicle especially at its brakes problem. According to the Prius selling history, Toyota has sold about 300.000 vehicles all over the world since the first sale in Japan in May, a really serious business.

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