According to Mint, stock market was begun at a humble beginning and it seems that the communications as well as report about the development of the stock market among the brokers and lenders were also started in a small of modest degree. Back to hundreds of years ago, the market what so-called stock market today was started around 1500s.

At that period, the European who were the also precursors of the market sailed across the West Indies to develop the trading. As Encyclopedia Britannica stated, many sponsoring companies will increase the money from the investors and at the other side, the investors gained the share from the riches gotten from the expeditions. Thereafter, Dutch East India Co. continued the process by opening the chance for many investors from outside of the company and gave them the share of the profits the company obtained.

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The vast development in phone technology is running really rapidly nowadays. People who crave for the latest technology always expect what is going to release next. The current phenomenon happens is that many people are welcoming the latest Apple’s iPhone 4 recently and it is proved by the fact of the striking sold unit rate that reaches 1.7 million in three days. In fact, Google’s Android operating system is also establishing its system in approximately 160.000 phones.

It is predicted that Android may take the second position of the best-selling smart-phone platform after Symbian by 2012 and iPhone will follow, whereas RIM which is recently taking the second place on the worldwide market may fall down into fourth place.

It is clearly seen that compared to iPhone and Android, BlackBerry’s RIM services is pretty left behind with less attractiveness as well as loyalty from both developers and customers. As you know that BlackBerry’s specification is dedicated to businesses and for this situation BlackBerry may face a critical period in facing the tight competition in more advanced technology of mobile phone.

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It is surprising news learning that recently dollar had reached its best rate by raising its level against euro, British pound and Japanese yen. As you know that dollar was getting weak since several months ago and this rise means the dollar recovers from significant lost several months back.

It is reported that the rise of dollar index or quote or Comstock rose from 87.080 to 87.469 against six major currencies. Previously, the situation when US retail sales dropped in September was frustrating and it was getting more frustrating when on May the drop reached 1.2%. Many leading company like Krogers, Safeway, and Macy’s also suffer the drawback from the dollar drop.

Moreover, there was an expected increase of 0.2% happened which means to bring surprise decline to euro to return below $1.21. This fall was calculated after the common currency tested a key level at $1.2150. On Thursday, the fall occurred from $1.2116 to $1.2087.

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