Yes, it is apparently true that Tim Lee is both a libertarian and a technophile. This 32 –year-old man is a PhD candidate in Princeton’s technology and public policy program. He is also a popular blogger who appeared pretty fascinated with solving such seeming paradoxes. He stated that he saw some libertarians who are speaking of tech policy had them all wrong.

While libertarians disapprove of both Republicans and Democrats, Lee said that libertarians should falsify a third way on tech policy. Other libertarians claimed that supporting freedom in both the bedroom and the boardroom is actually not only a practical political philosophy but also a logically consistent one. Speaking of this, Lee argued that techies need to think about what he called ‘the possibility that the open-versus-closed debate could be orthogonal to the free-markets-versus-regulation debate where someone can be either be pro-openness or be anti-regulation.’

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The latest, shocking news surprised almost all network companies is that Federal Communications Commission decided to ban service providers like Comcast Corp from blocking traffic on their networks. Comcast Corp is claimed to provoke warnings the rules delivered by FCC to be rejected in the courts and threats from Republican lawmakers to overturn them.

The decision pointed out that there is a hug divide between those who give opinion that internet should flourish without regulation and those who say the power of high-speed internet providers to discriminate against rivals should be confined.

Along with the decisions made by FCC, FCC in the matter of fact allowed internet providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon Communication Inc to cope their networks with reasonably and FCC suggested them to charge consumers based on levels of internet usage.

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The recent news informed that one of the nation’s leading banks, J.P. Morgan Chase has announced to freeze foreclosures in approximately half of the country regarding the fault paperwork. According to Wall Street analysts, the action taken by J.P. Morgan Chase will pressure the rest of the industry to follow suit.

If the action is finally executed, it will affect 56,000 borrowers in 23 states, but the bigger impact may happen if other banks take the same strategy because the foreclosures process in many parts of the nation may stop abruptly. According to officials at Fitch Ratings, the flawed paperwork at J.P. Morgan Chase are industry-wide so this will be necessary to lower the grades given to mortgage servicing divisions of the country’s largest lenders.

In details, the problems found in J.P. Morgan Chase’s documents also unearthed the other problems at another large mortgage lender, Ally Financial. However, the decision taken by J.P. Morgan Chase is hoped to give significant effect on the affiliated industry since its peers hold in high regard over it.

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