2010 was a good year for the stock market and the good fortune also went to the most major US stock markets because there was a quite satisfying result at the end of the year. So, it can be fun to have a brief view to what will be happening to the stock market in 2011.

To have further prediction of the upcoming year, it is a good start to see the consensus expectations. According to the survey done by Bloomberg toward 11 of the largest brokerage firms in US, S&P 500 consensus target by the end 2011 is estimated to reach 10 percent above the current levels. It is also expected that each strategy will give a positive performance out of the index in 2011.

However, there are three major risks which seemingly may affect the consensus expectations in 2011. They are global growth slowing, inflation accelerating, and interconnected risk heightening. They can become a trinity of negative fundamental macro that disturbs the market. 

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Starting or improving your current website can be so tough and you may need experts in the field who are more experienced and skillful. Knowing this need, Vellumweb - web development is one of many experts that are proficient in the field.

The more attractive design of website or the more effective software used to enhance the website performance could become potential factors to attract visitors or clients. Thus, collecting information from any menu displayed like the types of services offered or reviewing testimonials from the customers who have made use of the services is either valuable.

The web applications developed are used latest web technologies like PHP Programming, ASP Programming, .NET Programming, AJAX, etc. Meanwhile, the affordable software development solutions available include the Financial Accounting System, Inventory Management System, Human Resource Development, Education Management System, and more.

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Yes, it is apparently true that Tim Lee is both a libertarian and a technophile. This 32 –year-old man is a PhD candidate in Princeton’s technology and public policy program. He is also a popular blogger who appeared pretty fascinated with solving such seeming paradoxes. He stated that he saw some libertarians who are speaking of tech policy had them all wrong.

While libertarians disapprove of both Republicans and Democrats, Lee said that libertarians should falsify a third way on tech policy. Other libertarians claimed that supporting freedom in both the bedroom and the boardroom is actually not only a practical political philosophy but also a logically consistent one. Speaking of this, Lee argued that techies need to think about what he called ‘the possibility that the open-versus-closed debate could be orthogonal to the free-markets-versus-regulation debate where someone can be either be pro-openness or be anti-regulation.’

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