Small businesses, especially the online ones, are hard to be separated from the technology nowadays. The more enhanced technology obviously influences how the small businesses’ pick their direction in the future.

The businesses even obtain many advantages from these technological advancements and there are some predictions regarding what influences these technologies will bring many entrepreneurs in 2011.

On the first prediction, there will be significant growing use of smartphone by many small business owners this year. They use smartphones on a daily basis and it improves the business with mobile technologies.

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The prediction delivers the sign that the economic recovery may attain strength in 2011, however it seems that this prediction doesn’t give enlightenment over the fact that most Americans may not feel it. As you know that the bright cloud over US economy was driven into better days learning that investment on equipment and software and consumer expenditure was stable, also the exports rose.

But the convenient momentum was suddenly vanished because there were increasing debt problems in parts of Europe and government stimulus spending worn out. However, in the beginning of 2011, the newest economic indicators showed that the economy will get better in 2011, this prediction is strengthen by some analysts. Thus, there are some indicators that can be helpful in 2011.

The first indicator is for employees to have more hours working time. The average workweek for all employees on private non-farm payrolls was 34.3 hours in November, it is a rough uptick from the 33.9 hours occupied in the same time last year.

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If you are thinking about business you have to think about some latest technology that can keep your business data safe. Business people today want some options that can help them store their business data safe and secure. Hence, they spend millions of money only on software and hardware that would keep their information secure so that they can access it whenever they want. Ricoh Company has been one of the leading companies that have been providing office document management services to various small and big companies. Recently, the company announced that they are shifting their business model to services where they would provide office document management services in a better way.

Ricoh announced that they will be investing around $300 million to Ricoh global managed document services which has been their pioneering service. This decision would definitely affect the overall growth of the company and it will also help their customers to perform better as they can improve their workflow and also increase their productivity. Ricoh had recently done a researched with IDC that showed that many new companies today are looking for efficient office document management services. According to Angele Boyd, IDC Group Vice President and General Manager, Imaging/Output Document Solutions and SMB companies can enjoy profit of $6 million annually if they go for new MDS by Ricoh.

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