Got a young, growing family that suddenly doesn''t seem to fit so well into your car anymore? Having a family creates different vehicle needs than you''re probably used to. Suddenly everybody''s needs and possessions need accommodation in one vehicle.

Even if you''re planning on an addition to the family, you may want to consider getting a family friendly car ahead of time. Now with a growing family comes growing expenses, so for those looking to buy a car on a budget, but still looking for something family friendly, check out this list.

1. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

Station wagons often give you the most practical solution for buying a family car on a budget. The Volkswagen Jetta comes as a station wagon and offers one of the best options in its class. Designed from the back side of the car first, you''ll find a huge cargo bay in this roomy vehicle.

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Since the early ‘90s, Manchester United has been considered one of the most successful football clubs, due to its excellent on-field performances and even better off-field promotional ideas available at Stay Sourced. From its astute management of resources to taking the history of the club into world markets, Manchester United is now arguably the most prominent global brand in sport in the world. While it might seem obvious that financial success and success on the pitch would go hand in hand, there is actually no real correlation between the two. When one club’s league position rises, it does not necessarily mean their profits do too. But Manchester United’s league position has not always been high, so what made it the global brand franchise it is today?

In the beginning

Manchester United entered the Football League in 1892 and was quickly saved from going bankrupt by a wealthy local brewer, J.H. Davies in 1902. Davies dreamed of creating a footballing empire and invested heavily in the club and in the development of Old Trafford, which soon become one of the top stadiums in the country. The club was branded ‘Moneybags United’, a somewhat fitting name still today, and went on to enjoy both League and Cup success in this era.

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Consumers look to make social impact with their spending. Choosing to purchase products made in the USA affirms a dedication to keeping money within the US economy. It supports the employment of American citizens and encourages companies to keep their production lines in country to ensure quality and safety standards are met. While other countries may offer lower costs due to sometimes criminally low wages and inferior materials, companies using U.S. production lines ensure quality and care goes into the production of their goods.

If you''ll indulge me in a bit of a history lesson, U.S. based manufacturing started to decline as the U.S. sought to bolster postwar Asian and European economies by loosening tariffs and regulations on overseas production and imports. By the mid-1980s, these measures saw America''s once great and self-sustaining manufacturing economy reduced to a less than a a quarter of all labor.

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