A near time ago, Xiaomi announced an investment value about US$ 300 million on a company that is the manufacturer of a popular video platform, iQiyi. It is the second Xiaomi investment on video segment after investing with also big value to other competitor streaming video platforms namely Youku, last November.

Xiaomi executives beforehand have ever said their intention to release some investment fund up to US$1 billion for online video content service, including funding a number of original content productions. Such an aggressive action in video online world is not surprise besides Xiaomi smartphone also has released TV and set-top box MiBox products at early years.

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Contractors were once only a mainstay in the workforce of the construction industry. Such workers were brought in on a contract to do the building and other construction work, hence the term contractor. As the scope of work changed so did the role of contractors, who have now extended far beyond the world of construction with many now being involved in IT. 

Anyone who has particular skills that can be of use to a company can hire him or herself, and their skills, out on a contract for a particular length of time. This can be a win-win situation for both the contractor and the company who hired him/her. The contractor benefits because as he is his own boss and he can pick and choose the type of work he wants to do. Also contractors tend to be better paid than full-time staff members doing comparable work. The company benefits because it does not have the same obligations towards the contractor that it has towards a full time staff member, such as having to meet sickness or holiday pay.  

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Using the old traditional cash register, POS systems or those which are Windows based on a PC are becoming antiquated. The new trend with retail business owners is making the move to a tablet based POS system. They are doing this not because it is fashionable, but because it is a matter of necessity in today’s technology driven business world, according to The U.S. Small Business Administration.

A tablet POS system is a more economical cash register choice. They are safer to use through the use of cloud storage. They also upgrade the customer shopping experience and they offer retailers additional marketing opportunities as noted in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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